Our Service

China Buy Agents is the ideal solution for small to medium sized enterprises. Is your business is big enough to extract value from bulk orders in China but not big enough to have your own full-time China buying agents?

China Buy Agents can effectively be your office in China, sourcing the best quality products, at the best price and handling the entire process from ordering to shipping.

China Product Sourcing

Tell China Buy Agents what you need, and we’ll find the right supplier from our network of manufacturers across China. Just supply your exact specifications and we will prepare quotes and samples from factories best-suited to your requirements.

Order Verification

As with most things, you can order bulk products using online selling platforms like Alibaba. The problem is: who verifies the quality of the goods you have ordered? One-off retail purchases from websites can be a lottery; bulk wholesale orders can lead to business disaster.

We physically visit the factory where your goods are coming from, make sure they are who they say they are and have the proper business registration and certification.


Unlike many China buying agents we do not take agency commissions or fees from specific factories and suppliers. We have a catalogue of more than 150 trusted and reliable suppliers across China.

While we are happy to recommended suppliers, China Buy Agents also negotiates and deals with supply companies nominated by our clients.

China Buy Agents is there to do the bidding of our clients, we know where to get the best quality and to ensure the right products get delivered on time and within your budget.

Quality Control

Most leading global manufacturers of consumer goods have factories in China. Chinese factories can, and do, produce exceptional quality goods. Quality control is a function of clear communication and knowledge of Chinese production processes.

China Buy Agents are expert in this area and we pride ourselves on ensuring the best quality goods are delivered to our clients. We deliver your specific instructions, thoroughly inspecting samples and providing a full report before anything leaves the factory.


The rule of law definitely applies to Chinese business and you will need a supply contract when placing large orders. China Buy Agent’s legal service, will review all contracts drafted in Chinese, provide you with full translations and supply English drafts to you for verification by your legal counsel.

Commercial contracts are binding, and Chinese courts regularly rule in favour of foreign companies if Chinese businesses have breached agreements.

Calculating Actual Cost

Whilst experienced importers are aware of the difference between ex-factory, FOB and CIF pricing, they are also aware of a myriad of costs a shipment can incur between factory and final destination.

Often buyers are caught out by unknown freight charges, customs clearance or levies. China Buy Agents itemizes all costs as part of the final quote, so you’ll know the total cost of your products, logistics and clearance before you place your order.

Shipment Consolidation

A great challenge faces many small to medium enterprise customers when they order goods from multiple suppliers for the same shipment. China Buy Agents are experts are consolidating such orders into FCL (full container load) shipments, saving clients administrative headaches and additional freight costs.

Logistics and Shipping

China Buy Agents only use trusted export-licensed freight forwarders to get your order to port, through customs and finally to you! Our freight team ships containers daily to every continent.