Why China Buy

Why China Buy Agents?

In business time is money, so China Buy Agents’ number one focus is saving clients’ time. China Buy Agents sources top quality products for our clients from our network of trusted suppliers across China.

We are expert communicators

We understand that, for many buyers, doing business in China can been a “hit or miss” proposition. The reason for this is not that Chinese suppliers lack proper standards or manufacturing capabilities; often they simply lack communications skills and knowledge of the mandatory industry standards in various buyers’ countries.

China Buy Agents knows how to communicate with buyers and suppliers; and through our role as negotiators we are your advocates in business.

Most importantly, we know how to communicate with our clients. This does not simply mean speaking their language but understanding their business. In our specialty area of building an construction materials, China Buy Agents also has extensive knowledge of international and country-specific building certifications.

China Buy Agents has negotiating power

Chinese factories are tooled to fulfill massive production runs for domestic orders. A foreign buyer may order 200 units while a domestic buyer might order 10,000 units. Because China Buy Agents places multiple orders on behalf of its clients, we have the kind of leverage with manufacturers that one-off buyers simply don’t have.

Our unique difference

Most buying agents will only deal with their own network of suppliers on behalf of clients. China Buy Agents has its recommended network of suppliers; but we are unique as we also negotiate with any supplier or factory that you nominate.

If you find a specific product on your own – whether through a recommendation, seeing the actual product or an online search – tell us the name of the manufacturer and China Buy Agents will negotiate with them directly on you behalf to make sure you get the best terms.

Our difference is that we are a business fully committed to service. Buying in China is not simply about placing orders and expecting goods to arrive. Getting the right product at the right price is one part of buying in China; making sure you get what you ordered, when you ordered it, without any problems, is what makes the difference.

We specialise in custom and bespoke orders for wholesale supply companies, residential and commercial property developments.